"One look should tell you we prefer interesting over perfect. Bold over beautiful. Surprise over safety."
- TANK team

For over 20 years we’ve been breaking the rules to create hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, gyms and homes that find unexpected ways to bring people together. With roots in hospitality design we strike a balance between thrilling aesthetics and smart functionality to create spaces you can’t wait to visit, and never want to leave.

Team meeting, workout, or dinner – we believe the future is hyper-communal. This means environments have the power to create stronger networks and greater wellbeing. Founded by hospitality experts Sanne Schenk and Tommy Kleerekoper, our team of architects and interior designers are here to revolutionize how we meet, eat, sleep, collaborate, workout, chill, strategize, dream, cook, make love, negotiate, play and be together.

Attention, integrity and expertise are a the heart and mind of every project. Always looking for new ways to apply materials and curiously challenging questions asked.

Years of experience 20+
Projects location The Netherlands
Phone +31 20 774 01 17
Address Rembrandtplein 17
1017 CT Amsterdam
The Netherlands