"If spaces are made for people, the people make spaces meaningful."
- Casper Schwarz.

Casper Schwarz Architects creates workspaces which fully integrate the culture of an organization with the well-being of its people. In the widest sense. Our team aims for human-centred, healthy and sustainable interior design, where people feel energetic, inspired, free and safe. Spaces that breath hospitality. Spaces that invite people to go for their goals, collaborate with their colleagues and excel in their workflow.

Our designs differentiate themselves from each other. As in each new project we set new parameters. We create an overall experience by understanding the core of the company and its ambitions. At the same time we analyse the building and its surroundings. And we search for a specific and unique design language to develop the sparkles your project deserves. For creative, corporate, or for technical organizations, we’ll find the right composition, materials and settings to compose a successful and timeless working environment. In both monumental and contemporary buildings.

To us it is of major importance that the final result breaths quality in every direction. We no longer believe that an office should look, smell and sound like an office. With all respect for acoustics and privacy, we aim for workspaces that are designed as if we had never seen an office before. New inspiring vibrant spaces where people love to come to. Where they can blend hybrid working in a natural fashion with their private lives. Where they belong to the bigger whole and where they can find their own preferred work life balance.

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