"Our design is all about exploring the space in between."
- Jeroen de Nijs' team.

For over 25 years Jeroen de Nijs has been working as an interior designer. Growing up in a building family, he came into contact with the profession from an early age. With all this technical knowledge, he has realised many residential and hospitality projects. The starting point for the design is the interior concept; from the experience of the interior space, the contours of the building emerge. The outdoor space and gardens are fully incorporated into that process.

With a committed team of architects, they realise both renovation and new construction projects, mainly in the Netherlands but also abroad. Through to the dialogue with the client, a design will never be repetitive, resulting in a versatile portfolio.

Jeroen de Nijs has a pragmatic working method and a preference for simplicity and craftsmanship. His designs are durable due to their timeless and uncomplicated signature. In a sturdy and solid space, custom-made furniture and sophisticated styling are taken to the next level.

Honest materials with their own authentic look are his preference. Spaciousness and a comfortable atmosphere of understated luxury characterise the projects of Jeroen de Nijs BNI BV.

Years of experience +25
Projects location The Netherlands, Switzerland
Phone +31 (0)6 123 93 765
Address Knollendamstraat 4hs
1013 TN Amsterdam
The Netherlands