"Realizing clients dreams by combining the best of both worlds, working inside out."
- Kees Marcelis

Beginning with an empty canvas. Studio Kees Marcelis is always on the lookout for original ideas and timeless designs. Repeating is seen as the easy way out and will be avoided at all times. Keeping up with all the new materials and discovering new possibilities is the most exciting part of the work. What inspires is not limited to architecture. The best ideas come forth by visiting museums, listening to music, travelling and literature.

Studio Kees Marcelis creates both exteriors and interiors where one is always enhanced by the other. By designing inside out the focus is put on the living areas where our clients will spend most of their time. Specialized in designing from doorknob to an entire villa. Every detail is seen as an integral part of the surrounding design.

Creating residential houses is one of the core pursuits for Studio Kees Marcelis. Designing offices, restaurants and shops is also part of the extensive portfolio. Shying away for a challenge is not an option. Whether it’s the renovation of a bathroom or a newly build villa, every project deserves the uttermost care.

Working as an interior architect for almost 35 years together with an always growing team where everyone works with the same enthusiasm and passion towards the same goal: to create only the best of the best. This is achieved by the main principle exceptional simplicity. Studio Kees Marcelis goes through a thorough process together with clients where there is a careful balance of intensive involvement and relieving them of the more dull but necessary tasks. The result is that of pure positivity: To realize dreams in every sense of the word.

Years of experience +35
Projects location The Netherlands
Phone +31 (26) 44 51 085
Address Benedendorpsweg 188
6862 WS Oosterbeek